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Drawbridge levellers Capacities up to 4000kgs

Aluminium drawbridge leveller -Type KBS

The KBS drawbridge leveller is perfect for overcoming minor differences in levels. Robust and maintenance free, they are suitable for a wide variety of uses and users. The KBS can slide from side to side and should be stored in a upright position.
There is an automatic safety latch to prevent the plate from falling when not in use which is easily release using the foot.

Drawbridge levellersCapacities up to 4500kgs

Aluminium drawbridge leveller - Type FBA

The FBA drawbridge leveller offers a versatile light-weight option which can take loads of up to 4500kgs. It is available in lengths of up to 2315mm and can be used with height differences between dock and lorry of up to 310mm.
Static or sliding versions are available.

Drawbridge levellersCapacities up to 4000kgs

Aluminium drawbridge leveller - Type SKB

The SKB drawbridge levellers are designed for medium duty applications and to provide easy, flexible loading of lorries up to a height difference of 190mm from dock height. They are available in static or sliding versions which run in a steel guide rail. Additional rails can be fitted ot allow the leveller to serve more than one loading position.

Drawbridge levellersCapacities up to 4000kgs

Aluminium tandem drawbridge leveller - Type FBT

The FBT is an aluminium 2-piece drawbridge leveller. This split level platform is ideal for use on low docks or when using machinery with small wheels or low clearance. It is ideal for unloading standing trailers or containers. The tandem drawbridge can be used for height differences of up to 500mm.

Drawbridge levellersCapacities up to 6000kgs

Steel drawbridge leveller - Type FBS

The FBS drawbridge leveller covers most loading applications and can be used for height differences of up to 250mm between dock and lorry. The five bar tread plate surface gives a high quality non-slip surface which can be either galvanised or painted. Both options protect against corrosion. They are available in static or sliding versions.

Drawbridge levellers

Fixing plates

If no steelwork is available for installing guide rails, this dock preparation material offers an ideal solution. A chamfered plate is bolted to the dock serface using flush fixings. Tabs are then fitted to the dock face underneath the rail. This gives welding points for the top and bottom edges of the rail.

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